Our Focus

Decades of Experience with Finance / Management Consulting / Growing Companies

It has always been about ...RAISING VALUE!

Management Consulting

THE PLAN: Simply put; we help clients plan and execute on how you raise your company’s profits and value so that you can obtain capital for growth or the highest exit value for your business.


GET IT DONE: Buy/Sell side advisory & analysis, financial modeling, increase EBITDA, and go-to-market strategies. The goal of which is to raise profits and values for all key stakeholders.

Capital & Exit Strategies

THE REWARD: Connect clients with our network of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Banks and private investors as well as directly with companies to obtain the highest value.


Over the years we have seen many companies, from start-up to large enterprises; where business problems, challenges, depleting profits and less than cooperative capital markets were all obstructions in achieving the financial success and rewards that owners and investors sought to achieve.

In many cases these businesses wanted to obtain more profits but needed capital to do so, however; insufficient scale, weak growth/profits or lack of cohesive planning prevented them from accomplishing these goals.

Often business owners and management lacked the proper planning, skill sets to improve the business and subsequent roadmap to reach the goal of effective capital strategies. Clients have told us - they either find good consultants or insightful and successful investment bankers but it is rare to find both. How you go about using both of these disciplines to incorporate your business growth, capitalization and exit strategies are key.

Members at Nash Global have consulted, managed & assisted with raising capital for companies of all sizes spanning a wide variety of industry sectors. In many instances we assisted in planning, due diligence and aiding their exit strategies, including estate planning for the executives and entrepreneurs.

At Nash Global we help companies bridge the gap. It sounds simple but few people do the consulting to help companies create a path to funding AND help them get the funding…It is how we differentiate ourselves.


We ask our clients this simple question and then go about getting it done!
What's your plan?
Grow Profits,
Raise Capital,
or Exit?

The members and consultants at Nash Global have worked with many businesses over years ranging from start-up to Fortune 100. Over 1,200 companies later, the mantra now as was then…is to make businesses more efficient and profitable.

With regards to capital access, Nash-Global assists entrepreneurs, startups and growth-oriented companies by facilitating meaningful introductions to our extended network of institutional and high net worth investors. Our investment community consists of Private Equity, Venture Capital, banks and other financial institutions as well private investors and family offices located here in the US, as well as, abroad.

GIVE US A CALL…We are good at getting things done and know a lot of people.

  • Assess, Strategize & Plan

    What is the End Game?

  • Execute & Review

    Achieve Efficiency & Higher Profits

  • Market Your Business

    Prepare for Capital Funding or Exit

  • Funding or Exit

    Capital Planning & Development



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